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You know you are not crazy but something is just not right, for the past couple of years you have felt that you are doing less and less but feeling more exhausted and just not right ????
You can not remember much, its just mere luck that you remember your family schedule,otherwise your 7 year old would be forgotten at his rugby practise !!!!!
You have no interest in sex ??

Your toes and fingers  feel icy cold  whether in summer or winter

You can not remember the last time you slept through the night ????
If this is you …. you have come to right place …. we look forward to working with you … in the meantime get to know us ….
Hutano – ‘Have U Thought About Natural Health Options’ We  work with women and men who are looking for effective natural thyroid support. The natural medicine options we offer have been shown to work .Elizabeth has more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, she is a degreed Naturopath and employs methods and process that are evidence based and individualised treatment.She  works with doctors and will involve other healthcare providers to get the best intergrated  healthcare team for her clients.Hypothyroid and Hashimoto are the conditions of special interest ..

Elizabeth believes we can take the best of both worlds of convectional medicine and alternative medicine to help people achieve health and healing.

The passion for natural health was ignited when her then very asthmatic younger sister was   treated by a Biochemist   from University of Zimbabwe. Dr. Gooche    modified her sister ‘s diet as well introducing some nutritional supplements. That really improved the asthma; it was then that the dream to be a nutritionist and natural health practitioner was born.

Upon migrating to Australia, Elizabeth experienced food intolerances which caused digestive upsets most of the time. It was a naturopath that helped with her condition .The rest as they say is history.

Elizabeth is passionate about helping you achieve optimum wellness.


Elizabeth Kachembere

Naturopath / Remedial Massage Therapist




  • Post – Graduate Diploma International Health (Curtin University, currently Completing)
  • Bachelor of Naturopathy
  • Diploma Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Pharmacy ( Zimbabwe)

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