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Detox plan


You feel tired, lethargic, but you have your moments of bouts of energy and you get so much done when you are in the zone … then come the fatigue. You could not be bothered to do much really… but you are thinking the year has gone so quick, maybe thats why I feel like this .I am sure I can hang in there till the end of the year and will start the new year on a feeling rested and ready to face another 12 months … but for now you just wish to pull through to the year end.

Lately you have been feeling bloated, experiencing  constipation and just uncomfortable, you are not really sick but just feel a bit off and sluggish. This is making you  lose motivation.You have been struggling to keep up with the work load due to the lack of motivation and last month  you missed a couple of deadline and you  don’t want to make it a habit … oh you just need something to help you get your energy and motivation back .. Oh yeah and the headaches are just the worst

If it wasn’t for that glass of red after dinner, you just do not know how you would cope…At times you have a glass of the good old whiskey, just to help you relax at night. You tell yourself its just one glass after all the hangover will not be too bad .You are a bit worried about the hangovers that you get after the weekend drinks, they leave you sick, tired and with a massive headache, you keep asking yourself how come I never used to suffer such hangovers.. Oh and the burping can be so embarrassing.

Toxin build up may affect the body in many differrent ways including , poor immunity , Hormonal imbalances, inflammation and joint problems, and digestive imbalance.

You are thinking, it can’t be that simple, a matter of weeks … yes believe me… 2 weeks is all it will take to get the changes you need… of course there is commitment to follow through ….

You  have tried to improve things by changing  your diet a bit … you just can’t stand the taste of some  vegetables … you think maybe you just don’t know how to make them … Yes you will learn some yummy and easy recipes !!!

You want to feel restored, reinvigorated and rejuvenated in as little as 6 weeks …  Wondering about foods to kick start your metabolism … Everyday foods to kick start your metabolism!!

Want to finish 2015 on a high , feeling on top of the world..

Six weeks is all it takes … go for it … it can  only get better

Best wishes , looking forward to help you transform your life !!



… Our detox tea is part of all detox programmes .. It  tastes great , no herby taste , its gentle and effective .. well priced .. well formulated , ticks all boxes ..






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